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Creation and Evolution

Learn what the Bible says about the creation of the world, as well as how to respond to those who may disagree.

Learn how to respond to the evolution theory by clearing a path for the gospel in our own faith life and in our witness to others.  
The Evolution Theory correctly poins out the geologic column has 12 layers of fossils. Then Evolutionists ask us to imagine the animals that left these fossils descended from a bacteria-like common ancestor.
The creation account and the evolution story are contrasted, highlighting major differences between the two.  
Most Christians in today’s world think God used evolution to create.  If one takes that thinking to its logical conclusion, the Christian faith is destroyed.  
How should we use our human reason to defend the faith?  
Science generates useful explanations but not final truth.  Secular experts in science are unified in that assessment of science.
We should question the unprovable assumptions that direct and constrain all science including evolution.  
Natural selection produces new species, but always within their own kind.
Evolutionists commonly use the true parts of evolution as proof that the false parts are also true. This lesson examines how they do this with natural selection. 
Dating methods give very useful information on the age of certain things. Evolutionists go beyond that, and use unprovable assumptions that lead to ages of billions of years.

End Times

Learn what the Bible says about the end of the world and be comforted by God's plan for salvation.


Learn what the Bible says about forgiving those who sin against you.


Learn what the Bible says about The Lord's Supper.