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What is TELL Bible Pathway?

TELL Bible Pathway includes the four key concepts of Christianity – sin, grace, faith, and works – along with lessons on the ten commandments, sacraments, and the prayer life for a Christian. 

The course is designed to teach one lesson per week and includes video lessons, and downloadable teacher and student guides. Each lesson includes a Bible account to illustrate the main point of the lesson and review questions. TELL leaders can add additional Scripture references to the lesson and teach their Growth Group at their own pace.

TELL Growth Group members who agree with the teaching in TELL Bible Pathway Part 1 can be brought into doctrinal agreement and become part of our TELL body of believers with members from around the world. 

TELL Bible Pathway Part 1

Lessons 1-28
Teacher Guides
Lessons 1-28
Student Guides

TELL Bible Pathway Part 2

Coming Soon

TELL Bible Pathway Part 2 will provide additional resources for TELL Leaders to use as they share the gospel message with their communities. 

Get a sneak peek of TELL Bible Pathway Part 2 and dive into additional TELL resources on TELL Topics.